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Clash of Lords game manages to be at least a little unique, especially with regards to all the heroes. Instead of bombarding enemies with dozens of troops, players will be deploying a handful of heroes with a few mercenaries in tow.

The differences don’t stop there, and here’s our guide so that you don’t get lost as you embark on this adventure.

Clash of Lords 2 game tips

First guide How do I make my base?

Gold is used to build and upgrade all kinds of buildings in your base. You can harvest Gold from Mines or win large amounts quickly from Solo Campaigns and Resource Raids.

How do I fight in Clash of Lords 2?

There are three kinds of battles in Clash of Lords. Winning them awards Treasure Chests that contain surprises!, so log in to Clash of Lords 2 every day to recruit free Heroes and win free Jewels.

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Clash of Lords 2 online game is a compelling and addicting multi-player strategy based video game that will simply leave you mesmerized. Clash of Lords was developed by IGG who released the game in all major international Google play stores.